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Stephen Shropshire and Morgana Braga

Toer van Schayk met:
Bruno Barat
Rachel Beaujean
Ted Brandsen
Prof. Dr. Emilie Sitzia
Ronald Wintjens

Sound and light
Xavier van Wersch

Elycio Talen

DUO Vertaalburo

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De Omkeerbaarheid van Roest (1994)

with Rachel Beaujean

*This conversation has been edited in length for this exhibition.

De Omkeerbaarheid van Roest (The Reversibility of Rust) (1994) is part of a trilogy of ballets, which, together with Spiegels Bevriezend (1995) and Het Bewerking van het Stof (1998), was first performed in its entirety as Sonnetten aan een broer (Sonnets to a brother) in 1998. With a score that combines Giacinto Scelsi’s Quattro Pezzi per orchestra and Arabit Bendroggan (traditional Javanese gamelan music in an orchestral arrangement by Ernst Heins), this abstract choreography materializes the complexities of cultural difference in a ingenious integration of music and movement.

Rachel Beaujean is the adjunct artistic director of the Dutch National Ballet. She joined the company in 1977 and progressed to second soloist and ballet master, before becoming head of the artistic staff in 2003. She has regularly staged adaptations of nineteenth century repertoire for the company, including her own version of Les Sylphides, Paquita, and Giselle (in collaboration with Ricardo Busta-mante). In 1993 she was awarded the Association of Theater and Concertgebouw Directors Golden Theater Dance Prize and in 1995 honored with the Award of Merit from Stichting Dansersfonds ’79. In 2017, she was named an Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau

Giacinto Scelsi Quatro Pezzi per orchestra (parts 1 en 2) Arabit Bendroggan (traditional Javanese music arranged for orchestra by Ernst Heins)

Decor, costume and light
Toer van Schayk

Rachel Beaujean, Katja Björner, Enrichetta Cavallotti, Monique Duurvoort, Caroline Sayo Iura, Simonetta Lysy, Yoko van Reysen, Anna Seidl, Jean-Luc Beaupère, Wim Broeckx, Clint Farha, Arend van Hoorn, Andrew Kelley, Kees Prince, Nicolas Rapaic, Barry Watt

World Premiere
15 June 1994, Dutch National Ballet, Amsterdam

Image credits
© Deen van Meer, Theatercollectie Allard Pierson

Video credits
© Theatercollectie Allard Pierson

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