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Stephen Shropshire and Morgana Braga

Toer van Schayk met:
Bruno Barat
Rachel Beaujean
Ted Brandsen
Prof. Dr. Emilie Sitzia
Ronald Wintjens

Sound and light
Xavier van Wersch

Elycio Talen

DUO Vertaalburo

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The Swan (2003)

with Ronald Wintjens

*This conversation has been edited in length for this exhibition.

In 2003 the Association of Theater and Concert Hall Directors (VSCD) and the Dutch Dance Days commissioned Toer van Schayk to design a bronze statue that could be awarded as their annual dance prize. There was however, one stipulation: it had to be a swan. Van Schayk’s Zwaan, which has since been awarded to forty-nine dancers and choreographers for outstanding performances, productions and oeuvres, is an imaginative interpretation that suggests a mythological winged creature as it prepares to take flight.

Ronald Wintjens is director of the Dutch Dance Days. He began his career as a dancer with Conny Janssen danst before joining NND/Galili Dance in 1999. In 2006 he began SALLY Dance Company Maastricht and from 2009 to 2012 he was artistic coordinator of the Noord Nederlandse Dans Studio Group. As director of the Nederlandse Dansdagen since 2016, his mission has been to promote more inclusivity and diversity in the festival and to strengthen the connection between the past, present and future of Dutch dance.

Image credits
Nederlandse Dansdagen

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